About Pointex

Our business idea is to offer our customers the widest possible range within portable lighting products, in our range you will find products and brands for all needs and purposes – one stop shopping!

Regardless of our business idea we will never rest in our efforts with developing our product range in order to ease the work-day for our customers.

Our policy
Our policy is always aiming to the highest possible standards in regard of quality and environmental demands, which for our customers ensures products with highest possible quality and competitive prices.

Environmental conscience
Our membership in Elkretsen is a part of our environmental conscience, ElKretsen offers a nationwide recycling system.

Our Clients
Our products are mainly distributed by:

  • The leading electrical appliance whole salers as Elektroskandia, Ahlsell, SELGA, Solar, Storel etc.
  • Retail chains as Elkedjan, Granngarden, Mekonomen and car accessories shop.
  • Gasoline chains as Bilisten, OKQ8, Preem, Shell, Statoil.
  • Hardware stores and industrial supply stores.